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Shooting your screen - a plug for SnagIt

How do you do screenshots? Is there anybody who doesn't do them these days? It just occurred to me that I never wrote about my program of choice for this task, SnagIt. Obviously, some of us may be happy using the built-in Windows functions via th… more »


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SkypeIn beta launched

As of today, Skype have launched a beta for their new SkypeIn service. Currently it's possible to get numbers in four regions (France, Hong Kong/China, United Kingdom and United States), regardless of where you yourself live, that allow people to dial i… more »


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Storing OneNote files on a network drive

A OneNote notebook is comprised of separate files, which may be stored in different locations. Sure, if you first create a new "Section" in OneNote itself, the application will create the new file in the default path (which can be customised via Tools/O… more »
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Fix for ColorPicker.NET

Chris Sano has made a fix for his ColorPicker.NET available, a tool I wrote about earlier. This update fixes the problems related to multi-monitor setups, where the mouse pointer wouldn't want to leave the primary screen after dragging the mouse in the… more »
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IE2OneNote alternative?

In Chris Pratley's article The best ways to show OneNote to others, I found the idea of storing blog articles in OneNote. Somehow that never occurred to me :-) So I thought I'd employ the IE2OneNote power toy to copy all my current articles to OneNote t… more »

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