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Electric Editing compatibility update for DXperience 10.2.5


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Electric Editing compatibility update for DXperience 10.2.5

Version of Electric Editing is now available here:

CR_ElectricEditing- (22657 bytes)

This build is compiled against DXCore 10.2.5. Unfortunately I noticed, a bit late, that 10.2 changed a few things that broke assembly references with the older build. My apologies for any inconveniences!

Oh, and of course if you don?t have a clue what Electric Editing is, check out this overview with the various posts linked from there!

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Comment from: eviltobz [Visitor]
eviltobzAwesome :) I've not had a chance to fully mess around with its capabilities, but at a quick glance it certainly seems to be all fixed up nicely again. Thanks.
03/09/11 @ 17:21

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