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Speaking at Edge UG - Functional Programming at TechDays UK Fringe

On April 13th, during Microsoft's inaugural [UK TechDays event](, I'll be speaking for the [Edge UG]( at the main Fulham Broadway venue. This is part of what Microsoft call the [Fringe… more »


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Slides and Samples from DevWeek 2010

Last week I was down in London and spoke at DevWeek 2010. As usual, it was a great conference! Thanks to everybody who attended my talks! I promised to put up my slides and samples -- my apologies, it didn't work out earlier. Here's everything you need… more »


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That Splitting Thing

I just twittered a few minutes ago, saying "Seems like VS 2010 can still not show the same file twice in panels next to one another. Am I missing something?". I'm still interested in the answer, if there is one, but meanwhile I thought I'd blog about so… more »
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Sharing Solutions between VS 2008 and VS 2010

I have a solution with several projects that I currently work on in VS 2008. I would like to use VS 2010 for it instead, to benefit from new debugger features etc... but it should remain on the .NET 3.5 platform, and I would also like to keep things com… more »


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Gallio.Utility.exe considered evil

I [just blogged]( about this problem I was having with Gallio/MbUnit. I don't regard the issue as fixed, but I've certainly worked around it. I found that the delay happened when the tool… more »

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