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Slides and samples from SDD 2015

Here are the slides and samples from my presentations and workshops at the recent SDD conference in London:

Workshop: .NET Programmers and Architects - here are your options!

Talk: Immutable Data

Talk: Concurrency using functional patterns in C#

Workshop: JavaScript for JavaScript Programmers

Thank you very much for attending!


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Slides and samples from Basta Spring 2015

Here they are:

Workshop: Professional JavaScript

Talk: C# in 2015

Talk: Immutable Data

Note: this last link was previously incorrect, fixed now!

Talk: Concurrency using functional patterns in C#



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Who'd have thought... I'm back with DevExpress!

I’m back – back with DevExpress, that is! Those of you who have followed this blog for more than three years will remember I used to work for DevExpress then. Starting right now, I’m working for them again.

The topic is training. As you know, I’ve organized a lot of classroom training events in Europe and the US in the past years, and this is going to continue. All the classes will now be listed on the new DevExpress Training page, and the US events will be organized by DevExpress as well. For Europe – if you’ve been in touch with John Martin in the past, who’s taken care of the logistics for my events in the past years, nothing will change for you. I hope these new arrangements will bring even better continuity to the events, with the US and Europe being covered equally for the most important topics!

The second part of my training efforts with DevExpress will evolve around online training. It’s not been long since I announced my online training content at, and this will now be taken over by DevExpress. To those of you who signed up for the first course – thank you very much, and the content you booked will of course remain available to you for the agreed timeframe. However, I have closed the system for new registrations, and I hope it won’t be long until we publish the course on the new DevExpress online training platform.

Of course we have great plans for the online platform, but some details need to be decided first. Please watch the DevExpress blogs and other web content for more news!


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40% off DevExpress DXperience ASP .NET course! - Merry Christmas!

Seasonal Greetings!

I announced two days ago that DX Training went online and the first class I published covers the ASP.NET WebForms components (btw - you can see a preview video for the class now!)

As a seasonal and introductory special offer, we are now making a discount code available, which gives you 40% off the normal price of the class, valid until January 4th 2013.

Here’s the code, which can be applied during the content booking process on the site. Please feel free to share this with your friends!


Thank you for a great year 2012, and all the best for 2013!


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DX Training goes live with DevExpress video classes

It’s almost Christmas, but I’ve managed to complete a project I’ve been working on for a good while:

DX Training is my new platform for video training courses on DevExpress products

Click here to check it out!

The first class to be publish on the new site is DXperience ASP.NET WebForms - Getting Started.

There’s also a support forum for content requests open immediately. The long-term plan is to cover as much of the DevExpress product portfolio as possible, but this will take a while - give me feedback to help me prioritize!

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